Peru Trip Planner

Peru Trip Planner

Peru Travel Planner

Customize Your Trip with us!

How it works?

1. Customize Your Trip

Fill out our questionnaire with your preferences and desires. Once we receive your information, you will be contacted to set up a video call with our Peru travel planner.

2. Free Consultation

Meet by video call, or phone call with one of our trip planners. We’ll work together and customize an itinerary based 100% on your needs. Lets discuss any questions you may have regarding your itinerary.

Services and prices will be shown separately, services can be modified according to your preference.

3. Confirm Reservation

Once the itinerary is confirmed, make a reservation payment for your trip. Here you will share extra details about the group members in order to arrange all tickets and excursions accordingly.

4. Experience Peru with us

Get ready to experience the beauty of our country through deserts, walking tours, day trips, canyons, lakes, ruins, mountains, jungles and of course, the world’s best food in the Inca Lands of Peru.

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